Master Key Experience Week 6

This week the focus was on focus. In reading Part 6 about the power of attention and focus as it relates to that of a magnifying glass and the rays of sunlight. If the rays of sunlight are beaming through a magnifying glass, and the glass is being moved around, the rays become scattered. And yet, when the magnifying glass is held still with focused sunlight for a period of time the effect becomes powerful. The same holds true with our focus and attention. The exercise this week was to look at a picture and then focus on the picture with all its detail. I found that my mind would wonder after seconds, then I would bring it back. As the week went on, it did seem to become easier to bring the focus back to the picture. In the beginning I saw a picture of my wife. As time went on I could see the details in the picture: her rings, watch, color of her nails and now I can bring it to my mind without even seeing the picture.

Master Key Experience Week 5

I am writing this blog post past the due date. This has been a very interesting week for me. As I reflect on the week as an observer, I am seeing that I can really procrastinate. As a Red I am very task oriented when it is something that is comfortable for me. In the past I have not enjoyed or considered myself a good writer. Week 5 requirements of writing our Press Release and the start of the weekly reading of Emerson’s Law of Compensation, which is not an easy read ,has the old blue print in procrastination overdrive. The old blue print is trying everything to get me to not do the work. I have not slept well all week, waking at 3am with only 4-5 hours of sleep, thinking about what am I going to write, I hate to write, rather than just doing it. I have been tired all week but I am committed to doing the work, I know if I keep going I will prevail. Next up complete my Service Card and write my Press Release! I always keep my promises!

Master Key Experience Week 4

This week I changed my PPN’S in my DMP. It feels much better when I read it out loud. It is necessary to read out loud with enthusiasm…something that my guide Nancy asked that I add to my DMP! I don’t know where that enthusiasm went from my younger days…I know there are a few parents form the neighborhood I grew up wishing I was not so enthusiastic when I was ringing their doorbell early in the morning for my friends to play…I was that kid up early wanting to play! I suppose that is why I am here in the MKE to find that child like enthusiasm.

Added a new service, to clean and organize my closet. I know my wife is loving my service card! It does feel good to put things in order.

The affirmation in this weeks reading “I can be what I will to be”, really says a lot!


My name is Richard Barnett. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my wife, Patrica and we have two adult children, Ross and Amber. In September we added a daughter-in-law, Monica.

My background is construction/development. I also appreciate leveraged income and have enjoyed success in Network Marketing.

Master Key Experience Week 3

This week I have continued to refine my DMP. It seems to get a little trickier as you refine your wording to be more specific with your PPN’s and Smart Goals. Nancy our guide has been very helpful with the process.

Writing the blog is still feeling strange to me. I am not one that enjoys writing, however I am actually finding it easier week to week and it is fun to learn something new. This is the way of the future and I am glad I continue to keep writing!

I have not noticed the shapes and colors this week like I did last week. We added several shapes and colors on Sunday and I wonder if that has something to do with it.

The mind is fascinating and I truly enjoy Charles Haanel’s writing this week. The Cerebro-Spinal System and the Solar Plexus and how they work together is fascinating. It is very important to sit for 15 minutes and quiet the mind.

I have not read or watched the news since the start of the MKE. Don’t miss it at all! Maybe that has something to do we my sound sleep and calmness I continue to feel through out the day.

Master Key Experience Week 2

Last week I woke up around 1am with the old blue print fighting with my new blue print. I have never experienced the monkey mind like that….it basically kept me awake all night. Week 2 webinar was fantastic, my 15 minute sits have been getting easier, and have incorporated the new step this week of inhibiting all thoughts. This weeks sleep has been awesome. Wake refreshed and ready to go. The reading this week regarding the wonders and the power of the conscious and subconscious mind have been eyeopening. While driving around town I am seeing blue rectangles. Very cool because I have never noticed them before. A lot to do with MKE and seem to be keeping up.